Have you received your "Ello" invitation yet? Did you even apply? Do you have any idea what Ello is? Well it just very well could be the next big thing to hit social. But who is it for? Millennials tired of Facebook? Hipsters? Only time will tell.

But it is "another" social network...because you need another one don't you? However, with a promise of being "ad-free" and never to sell your data....could Ello be the Facebook killer of the future? Plus, the fact that you can be anonymous on the site (or at least not be required to use your real name like FB or G+) is a great play for millennials who prefer not to have their careers ruined with a mis-timed post or image!

Alas, it's invite only in it's current beta phase right now and the UI is super simple with features pretty basic right now, but they have an interesting roadmap - Ello features.

And there are some brands on there right now....but how do they interact and engage with fans and how should their presence differ from the other social networks?

Not to mention, how is Ello going to make money in the future? It has to at some point and suggested this would be through additional features. Even Snapchat recently announced that they were now doing ads because "...unsurprising - we need to make money". At the end of the day, if a product or service is free, then basically, you are the product....no such thing as a free lunch.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how this thing grows and what user value (and brand value) it creates. In fact, should brands even be on Ello and how do they turn up when they get round to being on there.

Anyway, go and say "Ello" here.